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HL2:CTF Enters Final Testing

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Posted 27 August 2008 - 02:35 AM

Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag Enters Final Testing

After more than a year of only small bursts of progress, the remaining development team has found their way clear to compile the final beta and have submitted it for playtesting.

For those who had the opportunity to playtest the beta 1.72 release which never made it past playtesting, many of the game features have been retained in the 1.75 playtest release. The following is an edited version of those never revealed features from the changelog:



*Chargers have been disabled and game health has been balanced by the addition of a "mega battery."


violence_hgibs toggles gibs. 0 = off, 1 = on (default is 1)
ctf_excessive 0/1 - toggles gamemode excessive. *See Below
ctf_instagib "weapon_name" - enables gamemode instagib. *See Below
ctf_dynamicgrenades toggles whether grenade color will change when picked up by a opposite team.
tv_allow_static_shots auto director uses fixed level cameras for shots.
tv_allow_camera_man auto director allows spectators to become camera man.


hud_crosshair_r sets crosshair red (RGB) color. (0-255)
hud_crosshair_g sets crosshair green (RGB) color. (0-255)
hud_crosshair_b sets crosshair blue (RGB) color. (0-255)
hud_crosshair_a sets crosshair alpha. (0-255)
cl_fov replaces "fov" command - saves fov between 75 and 120 and reloads on every map.


ctf_flag_drop - Called everytime a player drops the flag.


ctf_excessive enables a crazy and fun game mode as detailed below:

* Useable weapons: Melee, 357, SMG1, Alyxgun, AR2, OICW, Shotgun, Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, RPG
* Spawn with 300/300 and have passive 10 armor/sec and 5 health/sec regen.
* Self damage is lowered to 30% and force caused by explosions is increased.
* Each kill grants a killer with additional 50 armor and 50 health.
* No items spawned and Ammo is unlimited (no combine balls).
** This cvar can NOT be used together with areanamode! ctf_arenamode must be at 0.
** This mode is only available in pro mode meaning ctf_promode has to be set to 1.

ctf_instagib "weapon_name" will cause that weapon to become a 1 hit kill as detailed below:

* Example: ctf_instagib weapon_rpg makes RPG 1 hit kill (defaults to crossbow)
* List of weapons: weapon_357, weapon_crossbow, weapon_crowbar, weapon_pistol, weapon_shotgun,
weapon_frag, weapon_ar2, weapon_smg1, weapon_ctf_oicw, weapon_ctf_sniper, weapon_physcannon,
weapon_ctf_alyxgun, weapon_slam, weapon_rpg, weapon_stunstick
* All other items & weapons are removed in instagib. The weapon chosen for instagib has infinite ammo.
** This cvar can NOT be used together with areanamode. ctf_arenamode must be at 0.
** This mode is only available in pro mode meaning ctf_promode has to be set to 1.


Spectator is now like HL2DM where there is a spectator menu. Press +duck key to bring it up.
Players will now take screenshots (to the normal /screenshots directory) of the endgame scores automatically if ctf_matchmode is on.
Force player models to use male05 for Rebels and metro police for Combine


Prepflagpass now makes the user run the following command: say_team Tossing flag from $L $H $A
Further enhancements to player movement.
Spectator is now like in HL2DM. There is a spectate menu to toggle.
Lowered amount of health gained using drain rune.
Scores now show in spectator. But ONLY scores, no captures / assists / returns / ping.
ctf_powerups now removes/respawns runes in real-time when changed via RCON

The game name will now reflect game cvars in server browser as follows:

* ctf_arenamode 1 - "CTF 1.75 Arena"
* ctf_excessive 1 - "CTF 1.75 Excessive"
* ctf_instagib <wpn> - "CTF 1.75 Instagib"
* All 3 at 0 - "CTF 1.75 Pro"
* ctf_promode 0 - "CTF 1.75 HL2DM"

More information on the latest testing and the move to bring HL2:CTF to final coming soon!

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